I’m currently researching massage therapy online. It’s quite a world out there and I’m losing track of the hours as I find myself drawn in to massage stories from around the web.

Changes a-foot at m massage

Part of the reason for my research is that this summer, m massage is undergoing some changes, in order to incorporate my recent qualification in Remedial and Sports massage. There’ll be a new logo, new website, maybe even a new look to the clinic (we shall see how the mood for painting and decorating takes me).

What stays

Plenty of changes, all for the good. However, certain things will remain the same:

  • My dedication to aiding pain relief and stress reduction
  • Tailoring each and every treatment to the needs of each and every client
  • Providing a relaxing, healing space
  • And, of course, an end-of-treatment home-baked snack for every client

As Maya Angelou said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I’m honoured that it’s my job to make people feel better.

Blogs by others

In the meantime, here are some blogs that I’ve been enjoying:

Happy reading!

PS: If you haven’t met Dusty yet, book an appointment soon for some ‘canine therapy’ alongside your massage treatment – she’s now 3 months old and growing fast!

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